Process & materials


We use rice grains and chaff, apple waist, vegan corn leather, organic cotton and recycled materials – following up the heritage of traditional handcrafted artisan shoes. And look what we got: High-end footwear with attention to detail, combining the past and future – 100% made in the Spain.

made with rice!

Vegan Corn Leather

47% Corn based BIO PU
33% PU
20% Organic Cotton

Inner Lining

Organic Cotton


Organic Cotton
Two plastic Cups

Vegan Apple Leather

26% Apple waste
16% Organic Cotton
38% PU
20% Polyester


5% Rice waste from Spain
50% Bio TPU
45% Recycled Material


30% Recycled Material
15% Rice waste
55% SEBS (synthetic rubber)

The sole of the shoe is made with rice waste from Spain.
For the outsole production we use BIO TPU and recycled materials.
The vegan leather of the shoe is made with apple waste and organic cotton.

About Us

It started in 2012: We reinvented the iconic handcrafted artisan footwear of the 50's - worn by mediterranean fishermen, farm workers or even artists such as Picasso and Dalí. In 2017 we launched our first sneaker outsole, the Mama Sole, and we became the first Spanish brand to be ever featured on Highsnobiety. After all these years, and many adventures, today we decide to focus all our energy in a new sneaker collection, 100% made with rice and other recycled and bio materials. As design lovers we consider sustainability as a necessary requirement in our creations. We love tradition but also innovation.


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