This Statement of Expections underscores our commitment to promoting an ethical, sustainable, and respectful corporate culture that respects not only our employees but also our community and our environment.

Work Philosophy

Our modern RICE sneakers are made from recycled, upcycled, and bio-based materials. Our two main focuses are - environmental protection and resource conservation. By using waste from the European food industry, we repurpose valuable materials and give them a new life. We use only waste products and ensure that all our materials are sourced 100% from Europe. To maximize the use of available materials, our producers employ a low-waste cutting technique. Additionally, the waste from the cutting process of the sole is melted down and reused.

People at the Center

We advocate for the protection of human rights throughout our value chain. Our commitment extends across all levels and includes a clear rejection of forced labor, child labor, and all forms of discrimination.

Nature Conservation at Heart

We strive for minimal ecological impact in production and the supply chain, using environmentally friendly materials and advanced manufacturing processes.

Transparent Insights

We take pride in providing our customers with insights into our supply chain, material sources, and production processes. Transparency is our promise, making information about our products and company practices accessible.

Community Spirit

Social responsibility is paramount to us. We aim for positive changes in the communities where we operate, from donations and educational initiatives to social support.